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Safe High Performance Sandboxes

Recently I attended a TDWI presentation to hear about some trends being seen within one of the Canadian government ministries. Largely I was hearing a success story for a traditional BI warehouse. Data was being well governed, actively analyzed, and … Continue reading

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Making Metrics Matter with Data Exploration – Part 1 of 3

Business users love a one stop dashboard with friendly summaries and visual alerts to their key performance indicators and metrics.  Oracle Endeca Information Discovery offers both Alerts and Metrics components that can be used to highlight your organizations business state.  … Continue reading

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Why Every BI Solution Needs a Data Exploration Tool like Endeca

There are dozens of fantastic BI tools for reporting and analytics available today.  Market demand keeps growing and the industry responds with an ever evolving toolset and the knowledge capital to deliver.  They excel at offering rich visualizations, intuitive interactivity … Continue reading

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Bringing Focus to Data Exploration with OEID, part 1 of 2

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) offers two standout elements.  The first is support of “Unstructured Data”, I’ll speak to that in another posting.  The second is the use case around “Exploring Data”.  Our partners have enjoyed tremendous value from being … Continue reading

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Attribute Groups with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Exploring unstructured data is a very powerful option.  And for the casual business user nine times out of ten this leads to a desire for some structure to be added.  Ordering our world is just human nature.  As you work … Continue reading

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Validating Data

originally published August 2012, http://www.EndecaCommunity.com The adage of “Garbage In and Garbage Out” is familiar, but the risk is also described as “Garbage In and Gospel Out”, a distinction which may resonate with many BI practitioners.  Particularly when dealing with … Continue reading

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