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Endeca Information Discovery version 3.2.0

Oracle has quietly made available version 3.2.0 of Endeca Information Discovery. Mid February it arrived on their Software Delivery Cloud although their website doesn’t make much reference to it so perhaps an “official” release date is still planned. Either way … Continue reading

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Setting up OEID 3.x as a Windows Service

Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been working less with EID in the past while and found myself too busy to post things. However I recently had a task at a client to setup their installation of Oracle EID 3.1 … Continue reading

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Safe High Performance Sandboxes

Recently I attended a TDWI presentation to hear about some trends being seen within one of the Canadian government ministries. Largely I was hearing a success story for a traditional BI warehouse. Data was being well governed, actively analyzed, and … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Oracle Endeca Data Ingestion

More than once I’ve been on a client site to try to deal with a data build that was either taking too long, or was no longer completing successfully. The handraulic analysis to figure out what was causing the issues … Continue reading

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Paradox of Structure

With possibly more optimism than time I routinely register for MOOC courses through I don’t bother with the assignments too much, just soak in some of the lectures. Not long ago I watched one around Creativity, Innovation & Change … Continue reading

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Multi-Assign Attributes – What they are and how they’re loaded

Oracle Endeca Server can support “Multi-Assign Attributes”. This means records can have one or more values assigned to the same attribute. All data domain records are stored as name value pairs, so in effect you end up with a record … Continue reading

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OEID 3.1 Installation Issues

localhost If you are installing OEID 3.1 on a Windows box using WebLogic, you may encounter an issue with localhost. The installation of OES will appear to go correctly, and there is a degree of Endeca Server functionality that might … Continue reading

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