OEID 3.1 Installation Issues


If you are installing OEID 3.1 on a Windows box using WebLogic, you may encounter an issue with localhost. The installation of OES will appear to go correctly, and there is a degree of Endeca Server functionality that might suggest everything is fine. However some essential activities will fail.

For example if you try to create a data domain. This error will display a message like:

OES-000169: Could not connect to Endeca Server at 10:7001

The problem appears to be that the Endeca web services are trying to execute some form of network loopback to localhost. This bug has been identified on a couple other sites, and apparently Patrick Rafferty from Branchbird has reported the bug to Oracle. Hopefully we’ll see a proper patch come out to avoid the hardcoded workaround. Meanwhile I owe thanks to a colleague (Ricardo Smith) for providing me with syntax that worked for me.

1. From a command prompt run ipconfig and make note of the IPv4 Address for the OES machine. It should be listed for your active network connection. You can also access this information in the “Network Connection Details” for your active network (Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center).


In this example the IP address is

2. Browse to and open up this file for editing:


At the bottom of the file you may see something like this:


3. Edit this file so it now reads as follows:


You should not need to restart Windows, however I did restart OES. Try to create a data domain using endeca-cmd to test if things are working now or not.

Note if your IP address changes, you’re likely going to have to update the hosts file everytime. At least until a proper patch comes out!


Provisioning Services

You may see an issue after installing Provisioning Services. There are some exactly requirements to support Provisioning Services, more than just the ADF runtime libraries. Although the installation appears to have been successful, when testing the connection through Studios Control Panel you’ll only get an error:

“Unable to connect to the Provisioning Service”

Note: To test the connection simulate an edit to the Provisioning Service JSON string in Studios’ Control Panel and try to save the change. Inserting a carriage return for example.

Check in your log file:


You may see this error message:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.security.jps.wls.listeners.JpsApplicationLifecycleListener

If you find this error then do the following:

1. Run the WebLogic config program from here:


2. Select the option to “Extend an existing WebLogic domain”

3. In the folder select your domain for Provisioning Services. In my case this was C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\prov_domain

4. In the window that opens up (Select Extension Source) Select “Oracle JRF

5. Click Next and Finish.

6. Restart Provisioning Services.

Test the connection as before through Studios control panel to confirm it works.


Creating an Application

You may have an issue when trying to import a spreadsheet where the application creation appears to hang.

  1. Double click on the shortcut to start Provisioning Services.
  2. Open up a browser to the following url:
    1. http://localhost:8201/console
    2. Note: You should get the message: “This application is deployed on the first access”.
  3. Wait a bit for the login box to appear.
    1. Username:  weblogic
    2. Password: 4weblogic
  4. Click deployments
  5. In the table look for “eidProvisioning”
    1. Note: It should be “Active” and “OK”
  6. In a browser open up: http://localhost:8080/eid-ps/status
    1. Note: you should see SUCCESS for Backend Database Access.
    2. Assuming you do not carry on with these steps:
  7. Return to the weblogic console and access the Data Sources (listed under Services in the Domain Structure).
  8. Edit the entry for jdbc/oracle.eid-ps
  9. Select the tab Transaction
  10. Change the option from One-Phase Commit to Emulate Two-Phase Commit
  11. Retest creating an application.


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